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Logitech Pebble

The following is the story of my journey to find a new mouse - and my positive experience with the one I found.

The Backstory

I’ve been using the same two mice for over 3 years.

When I started working from home in 2020, I couldn’t use my go-to Apple Magic Trackpad with my Dell work laptop because my standard-issue computer had a Bluetooth bug. As a temporary solution, I purchased a USB mouse and keyboard set from Macally. They were very affordable and still seem to work well even after multiple years of use. However, in my new job, I have been issued a new Mac computer which has very reliable Bluetooth. As much as I love my Magic Trackpad, I decided to try something different to see if a mouse might work better for me in some of the design programs I’ve been using.

It was clear to me early on in my research that I wanted to go for something from Logitech — not only due to their positive reputation for high quality accessories but I have also had good experience with their products in the past. I first considered the Logitech MX Master 3 and similar models, but I’ve never found much use in the 27 buttons that many advanced mice offer; okay, I’m exaggerating here - I know they don’t have that many buttons. I know how I interact with mice and I’m more likely to accidentally click a mouse side-button than I am to remember its function when I need it and click it precisely instead of a button next to it. So, I looked for something simple.

I remembered several YouTube reviews of the Logitech Pebble and rewatched them. The things that struck me about the Pebble were its small compact size, roughly similar in length and width to the Apple Magic Mouse but more curved; the quiet click — anything I can do to make my workspace quiet and more relaxing is a win in my book; and the built-in Bluetooth. (Don’t get me started on how irritated I am by accessories that only support those 2.4 GHz USB “wireless” dongles — it’s fine if you like them, but they’re not for me as it’s one more thing to plug in or lose.)

The Review

I ordered my Logitech Pebble mouse from Amazon since I wanted the Off White color to match one of my keyboards and the Off White version is not currently available at my local Target. It doesn’t look beige or grey to me so I don’t know why it’s called Off White.

Pebble mouse in Off White color
Logitech Pebble mouse in Off White


I received the international version of the packaging for this mouse. The box didn’t match what I had seen in stores for this mouse, so I was skeptical of the authenticity at first, but I checked other reviews and saw that others had received this as well. The box is efficient both in that it is not much bigger than the mouse and it is not a complex packaging system so it is easy to recycle.

Pebble mouse international box
Logitech Pebble mouse International Packaging


This mouse has a fun and rounded shape that makes it feel approachable and comfortable. It is slim and lightweight due to its size and plastic construction. The top of the mouse splits around the scroll wheel and I appreciate that the top case is one piece of flexible plastic instead of multiple parts with one for each of the two buttons.

The top piece of plastic is held in place by a magnet and is easily removable — under which you will find the home of the USB receiver when not in use and the AA battery that powers the mouse. I appreciate the fact that the optional USB receiver has a home here so it doesn’t get lost and can’t fall out from the bottom.


This mouse comes in a wide variety of colors - most of which are muted or pastel colors, but in my opinion, they look quite nice. A subset of these colors can also be matched with the current Logitech K380 keyboard (with which Logitech recommends you use the Pebble as they are both slim and portable and share the same visual design language).

Current colors available for the mouse and keyboard bundle on Amazon (see link at the end) are Dark Grey, Off White, Rose, Lavender Lemonade (purple with yellow accents), and Sand ( a medium grey with a slight beige hue).

Pebble mouse and matching K380 keyboard in lavender lemonade color
Logitech Pebble mouse and matching K380 keyboard in Lavender Lemonade color

The mouse on its own also comes in Blueberry, Blue Grey, Graphite, and some cartoon designs as well, but I don’t know how long these will be available. I will put links at the end of this review. At the time of writing, there are more color options for the mouse if purchased separately. Some colors are also available as a mouse pad.

Pebble mouse near matching K380 keyboard in blueberry color
Logitech Pebble mouse in Blueberry color near matching K380 keyboard.
Pebble mouse in graphite color atop a matching Logitech mouse pad.
Logitech Pebble mouse in Graphite color atop a matching Logitech mouse pad.


The click of the buttons is quiet, yet recognizable. It is more of a soft mid-tone “bump” than the high-pitched click or twang that I have come to expect from other mice. If you wanted to compare this to keyboard switches, I suppose you could say it’s more like a quiet tactile switch than a “clicky” switch - not exactly the perfect comparison, but I hope the core idea of the simile is helpful.


This mouse can be used wirelessly with either the included USB receiver or via Bluetooth.


The only issue I’ve had with the mouse is that every time I disconnect and reconnect, I have to pair it as a new device so I end up with duplicate unused connections in the Bluetooth menu. I can easily remove those extra connections via the “forget this device” button, but it would be nice if it could use the same signal again.


I have only tried this mouse with macOS Monterey and Ventura and overall it works well. I haven’t had a drop in signal or a lost connection.

According to the packaging, with the USB receiver, this mouse is compatible with:

With Bluetooth® Low Energy, the Pebble mouse can be used with:


The mouse is powered by a single AA battery - so there is no charging port and no internal battery. I like this for long-term storage because internal lithium batteries can decay over time if not used and they eventually lose their capacity. If you want to use rechargeable AA batteries I’m sure that would work as well.

I have been using this mouse on weekdays for 8-10 hours per day for over two months and I haven’t had to replace the battery yet.

Pebble mouse being used on a desk alongside matching K380 keyboard in rose color.
Logitech Pebble in Rose being used on a desk alongside a matching K380 keyboard.


If you’re looking for a simple, quiet-click, lightweight, and portable Bluetooth mouse, you may want to check out the Logitech Pebble.

Where to Buy

I purchased my mouse from Amazon which I will link below, but you can also find the Logitech Pebble at Target, Best Buy, and other retailers.

The Logitech Pebble comes with a 1 year limited hardware warranty.

(The following are non-affiliate links. I am only placing these here to be helpful.)

This is the link for the mouse not in a bundle and as a bundle with a mouse pad in matching colors for limited color options. Logitech Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse in Off White

This is the link for the Mouse and Keyboard combo. Logitech K380 + M350 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo in Rose

Note: Except for the image of the box, I copied these images from the Amazon store pages to which I have linked above. Some images have been cropped to remove text. I do not claim to own any of these promotional images. I am not affiliated with Logitech. This review is my own and I am not being compensated for it in any way.