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Washington State Report Card

a screenshot of the report card website with annotations explaining my use of Boostrap 4 tabs and the jQuery UI autocomplete widget

The "Report Card" is Washington State's public website for parents, guardians, and community members to view school data for K-12 public schools. This information includes standardized testing, graduation rates, enrollment counts, average teacher qualifications, school funding, and more. The original site was designed only for desktop-sized screens and needed a visual refresh. The processes for updating and displaying data also needed to be improved.

With our new Tableau Server to create data dashboards, it was time to overhaul the website. In fall 2018, as the developer with the most front-end experience, I was asked to help build and design the new website from the ground up.

We created a database to store and manage the content. I generated the web pages using .NET MVC and the Razor engine. I wrote the HTML using .NET Razor views and added custom CSS and JavaScript to match our agency's evolving brand and load dashboards on-the-fly to help with performance.

Use this link to learn more about Redesigning Report Card (PDF).

For the past two years, I have continued to provide both design and technical support. I created an admin application to empower our content creators and make updates more efficient. We're also currently adding some helpful features to view past school year data and only show the data relevant to your school's grade levels.

Check out the Report Card website .